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Unmind is a workplace mental health platform. We empower employees to measure, understand, and improve their mental wellbeing.

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Proactive support for all areas of life

We work with clinicians, authors, and academics to provide digital tools that nourish all aspects of mental wellbeing. From sleep to calmness, fulfilment to happiness.

88% of employees experience an improvement in mental wellbeing, work, or relationships.

What gets measured, gets managed

Empower employees to track, assess, and understand their wellbeing – and how it changes over time. Enable leaders to make more informed decisions with aggregated and anonymous data.

92% of employees report higher confidence, awareness, and understanding of mental health.

The right care at the right time

We all have mental health all the time. So wherever your employees are based – in the office, on-site, out in the field, or at home – they can access Unmind from any device, whenever they need.

76% of employees feel in a better position to support the mental health and wellbeing of those around them.

An ongoing campaign for cultural change

Launch day is when our partnership begins. We'll help you to engage your people with the platform, and to continue experiencing the benefits of nurturing a healthy mind.

+85 NPS feedback gathered from our client contacts.

Customer stories

“Before and since the launch campaign, the Unmind Client Success team have been really involved with Gymshark, exploring what we’re working on so that they can offer appropriate solutions for our workforce – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.”

Rachelle Mott

Head of People Projects

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“We are delighted with the response our Partners have had to the introduction of Unmind across the John Lewis Partnership. It has given our Partners the means to manage their own mental health and those around them, providing a range of first-class tools and learning programmes.”

Nick Davison

Head of Partnership Health Services

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“We are focused on preventative measures and our partnership with Unmind is a key element of this strategy. We chose Unmind because of its accessibility and breadth of functionality, and since launching four months ago, well over a third of our global workforce have engaged with the app.”

Gabriella Wickes

Chair of the Mental Health Committee

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“As a result of Covid-19 TSB is even more conscious of the need to support every employee, wherever they are working and at whatever time. Unmind’s platform is a hugely informative and easy to use tool and it has helped us provide support to our employees throughout the impact of the Pandemic.”

Liz Ashford

Director of HR

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“When you’re not feeling at the peak of your mental fitness, negative feelings or challenges can be enhanced or magnified. Finding ways to support our people to proactively manage their mental wellbeing is really important to us, and Unmind is helping us to do that.”

Mira Magecha

Interim Chief People Officer

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"I'm using Unmind to try and help with my anxiety, building my resilience and self-esteem. It's still very much a work in progress, but I know that I would have found it much harder if I wasn't using Unmind."

John Lewis Partnership employee

"Unmind is really helping me to reframe some of the feelings of loneliness and focus on the positive elements in my life right now. As a result, I am really feeling the benefits and forming some great habits with the use of the bite sized but powerful tools. The podcasts are also fantastic and really insightful - Thank you Unmind team!"

Thales employee

"Unmind helps me to understand certain topics better. The series about resilience has inspired us to create a session for our whole office about the topic of resilience and how you can build it."

British Airways employee

"There's good, practical ideas and tips to manage thought patterns and deal with practical solutions for mental health and wellbeing, especially stressful situations in the workplace, at home and in traffic."

Woolworths employee

"I found the tackling OCD series really helpful and it has given me the confidence and tools to start working on my OCD. It's the best app I have tried for mental health."

NHS worker

"The beat procrastination series has given me lots of ideas and tools to try to help me become more productive during the day"

Mediacom employee
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Staying mentally healthy while working remotely

As we continue to battle against the coronavirus, the single most important thing we can all do is to avoid infection – for many, this means working remotely