work should be good for our mental HEALTH

And that shouldn’t be controversial

Who we are

Unmind is the workplace wellbeing platform on a mission to create mentally healthy workplaces, where everyone can flourish.

We partner with some of the world’s biggest brands (like Uber, Major League Baseball, Nationwide, Disney, Standard Chartered, Mediacom and British Airways) to give over 2.5 million people the right support at the right time.

Unlike 95% of wellbeing solutions, we’re built on science. We take a whole organisation approach, giving people at all levels the tools they need to thrive.

What we believe

This world is confusing and complex. So we aim to shed a guiding light – challenging convention and smashing stigma, and uniting behind hope.

Proof with passion

We’re guided by science, data and evidence. But we embrace human emotion too. 

Simplicity over complexity

Our minds are the most complex things in the universe. We make help handy and science simple, to keep things down to earth.

Embracing the human experience 

We show the whole, real, human experience and bring people together to create a better world of work.

Where we started

In 2016, Dr. Nick Taylor (CEO) and Steve Peralta (Chief Wellbeing Officer) joined forces to transform the world of mental health and wellbeing.

Nick’s professional experience of mental health began with roles as a volunteer Samaritan and a support worker for mental health charity, Mind. He then trained to become a lead Clinical Psychologist in Britain’s National Health Service. 

Nick grew frustrated at the way mental health was approached – always focused on the problems. Reactive care was often too little, too late.

Enter Steve. Steve overcame personal battles with depression and insomnia by changing his mindset and embracing proactive wellbeing practices in his own life. He left behind a career in acting and music and eventually became Head of Wellbeing at a business consultancy.

Witnessing the detrimental impact of work on people's lives, Steve made it his mission to help people flourish at work and in life.

Today, Unmind combines Nick's clinical expertise with Steve's background in corporate wellbeing, creating a comprehensive, holistic approach to support and empower the whole organisation.

How to get involved

We can’t do this alone. Whether you’re looking for support or keen to help us transform mental health at work, there’s a place for you at Unmind. 

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