In the legal world, poor mental health is not just a worrying issue, but a growing one. Discover how Unmind empowers firms and legal professionals to prioritize a healthy mind, and how this gets results at work.

All rise: Making the case for workplace wellbeing in law firms

The legal world’s famed for its heaving workloads and marathon hours. So it’s no surprise that the people who work in it are more likely to experience mental illness.

A study (01) by the International Bar Association (IBA) branded lawyer wellbeing a cause for ‘global concern’. Surveying more than 3,000 people, the IBA found over half of lawyers under 30 have had ‘depressed thoughts’, with 1 in 10 experiencing ‘suicidal thoughts’ due to work.

Mental ill-health not only affects the individual but also the entire organization, influencing higher rates of staff turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism. These issues have a knock-on effect on performance and profitability.

It’s clear that firms have to start taking mental health seriously. This means no more quick fixes (sorry, free yoga and healthy snacks). To make a real difference, you need to swap out reactive measures for prevention. Sure, Profit Per Equity Partner priorities remain a battle. But by boosting mental wellbeing within your firm, this can deliver the dual benefit of supporting your financial aims and people alike.

Introducing Unmind. The workplace wellbeing platform with a difference. Grounded in science and built for business, our full spectrum of care will transform your wellbeing strategy.


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Introducing Unmind

Unmind Insights

Data-led wellbeing strategy

Unmind Insights gives law firms a comprehensive, data-driven view of firm wellbeing. It arms you with the insights and actions you need to drive lasting change and prove the value of your wellbeing strategy.

Unmind Managers

Lead with empathy

Unmind Managers is an ever-evolving, expert-led learning training program. With over 40 bitesize videos, your managers can build the confidence and know-how they need to support themselves and their team.

Unmind Elevate

World-class wellbeing

Every employee gets access to our world-renowned library of proactive and preventative wellbeing content, designed by psychologists to support all areas of life. They can even invite a friend to use the app – for free!

Unmind Talk

Human-to-human support

Give your people access to a global network of expert mental health practitioners. In just four taps, they can book a session with someone who shares their values, speaks their language and is available when they need them.

Free Wellbeing Champions Training

A wellbeing champion is someone who is passionate about mental health. The kind of colleague people turn to when they need to talk. Someone who wants to change their workplace for the better.

And yet too many businesses aren't harnessing them. Too many champions aren't getting the empowerment they need.

Which is why we're giving away our champions training for free. Whether you're an intern or a chief exec, in HR or marketing, you have the power to change things. Let us help you.

Let’s talk wellbeing at work

If you’re looking for a strategic wellbeing partner, backed by science and devoted to your business, let us show you how Unmind works.

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