Sharing stories about mental health, change and hope from Unmind users around the world.

Sleep Journeys

Hope after insomnia.

Overcoming life-long sleep struggles.

Finding ways to cope after 10 years of insomnia.

Coping With Grief

Finding a path through grief, bereavement and mourning.

Opening up after losing a parent to suicide.

Coping with bereavement after the loss of both parents.

Finding a way forward after the loss of a sibling.

Sharing and seeking help during a stressful life period.

Overcoming adversity

Inspirational experiences of bravery, strength and resilience through life’s challenging times.

From PTSD to the brain-gut connection.

Navigating recovery after an unexpected stroke.

Managing stress and anxiety during redundancies.

Suicidal thoughts, anxiety disorder and seeking asylum.

Trauma recovery after witnessing a violent crime.

Finding a path to flourishing after beating breast cancer.

Recovering from addiction and managing imposter syndrome.

Overcoming suicidal ideation and healing from trauma.

Motherhood, miscarriage and the power of gratitude.

Returning to self after breast cancer, divorce and loss.

Finding therapy

From navigating trauma to levelling up at work, how therapy and coaching is helping people thrive.

Finding reassurance during a difficult time.

Trying coaching after an endometriosis diagnosis.

Talk therapy for coping with marital struggles and an ADHD diagnosis.

Finding a path through trauma with therapy.

Dealing with childhood and family issues with therapy.

Managing a role change with career coaching.

Mental health at work

Finding the link between our wellbeing and work performance.

Coping with long term depression.

Confronting work-related burnout.

What happens when work and personal stress collide.

Prioritising self-care and leading by example.

Experiencing seasonal low mood.

Share your story

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