Goodbye EAP, hello ESP

Employee assistance is reactive, sustainability is the future

When it comes to wellbeing, we think long-term. That’s why we’ve upgraded the EAP to create the world’s first Employee Sustainability Program (ESP).

We’re much more than just a phone line. Our seamlessly integrated service provides end-to-end support for employees, combining world-class measurement tools, Netflix-level microlearning and highly qualified practitioners should they need to speak to someone.

Our full spectrum of proactive and reactive features work together to improve wellbeing, promote high performance and boost business outcomes. The best part? This growth is sustainable. We offer measurable and long-lasting improvements across all levels of your organization.

  • No gatekeepers, no justification, no wait times – book the very best therapists and coaches in just 4 clicks.

  • Science-backed tools and content for constant support – for use between therapy sessions and to encourage self-serve support.

  • Global and diverse range of top-tier practitioners – we attract and retain highly-skilled professionals with a range of modalities.

  • Real-time, actionable insights – measure impact, prove ROI and align wellbeing budget with strategic goals.

Get the best from your people, every day, year-round

Why sustainability is key

With rates of burnout, stress and mental ill health continuing to climb, calls to employee assistance programs (EAPs) are at a record high, with more employees than ever seeking help for complex and often serious wellbeing concerns.

But that ‘high’ is still only around 12% of the workforce. Many more need support but don’t engage with EAPs. And out of those who do call, it’s estimated only a fifth (less than 3% overall) are offered counseling sessions.

This is coming at a huge cost to both employees and organizations. It’s clear reactive, short-term support is only acting as a band-aid – it’s not enough to meet the needs of today’s teams.

That’s why sustainable high performance is now a major focus for organizations looking to level up their wellbeing solution.

Employee support programs offering sustainable results understand that to maintain high levels of wellbeing and performance, they must be considered from a long-term perspective. They must be addressed at all levels of an organization (from individual employees to relationships to wider policies and practices). And that increasing employee resources is crucial for both preventing problems and promoting wellbeing.

Happy and healthy people are now being recognised as an integral part of sustainable, socially responsible and productive businesses. But don’t just take our word for it. Not only is wellbeing now a key sustainable development goal for the UN, employee mental health is set to become a mandatory part of sustainability reporting, with new ESG regulations being rolled out in some countries as soon as 2024.

From traditional EAPs to modern solutions

Traditional EAPs are no longer fit for purpose. Offering employees short-term counseling and other reactive support services, they’re failing to meet the complex needs of a modern workforce.

It’s time for better options. Take a look at some of the most common problems with EAPs and learn why Unmind’s sustainable solution gets the best from your people, every day, year-round.

How to choose the right program

Whether you're comparing services or renewing your contract with a traditional employee assistance program (EAP), check if your current solution is delivering the support your team needs and expects.

We've created a handy checklist to help you choose a sustainable program fit for a modern workforce.

Unmind users share their stories

From navigating trauma to leveling up at work, how Unmind’s ESP is helping real people thrive.

Just Talk

Finding reassurance during a difficult time.

Coping Mechanisms

Trying coaching after an endometriosis diagnosis.

Vulnerability is Strength

Talk therapy for coping with marital struggles and an ADHD diagnosis.

Opening Up

Finding a path through trauma with therapy.

Finding Clarity

Dealing with childhood and family issues with therapy.

The Right Choice

Managing a role change with career coaching.

Transform your workplace
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Empower employees with proactive and evidence-based care, harness the power of AI to leverage wellbeing data like never before, and develop accessible wellbeing strategies for significantly greater financial returns.

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